Programmes | The Compassion Trap
How It Works

The programme consists of three prescribed movies and you will be supplied with guidelines on how to watch these differently together with a series of written and creative exercises to do over the course of a period of time dependant on how you wish to work with me with the opportunity to book more coaching sessions should you need to – the aim is to change your emotional mind-set so that you put practical strategies in place in order to ultimately save, money and energy and get the result you ultimately want.

If you’re fairly self-motivated then this way of doing the programme will allow you to gain the tools you need to move forward by offering you the opportunity to work at your own pace £97 One to One
If you need a push in the right direction then 3 x 60 minute telephone or face to face sessions (terms apply) will benefit you to alter how you approach your challenges for better long term results £297 VIP
If you’re looking for something more tailored then an individual programme can be developed that allows you to work either intensively or over a longer period of time in a location of your choice Email for a quote
Notification of your payment and full details of the programme will be made within 48 hours of your payment being received, if you have any questions please feel free to email me