Programmes | The Compassion Trap
How do I get involved in the programme

Firstly, go the Too Nice for your Own Good link at the top of this page, you can either complete the download and then conclude this within a movie therapy session or you can do the full exercise through a session, this has been designed to help you decide whether the programme with benefit you through exploring how your pattern of behaviour is affecting your life.

There are three sections to the full programme, these are briefly as follows:-

TIME involves using movie therapy which explores your past beliefs, expectations and behaviours
WORTH involves being mentored through a prescribed movie to change your perspective
ENERGY involves being coached towards taking the action required to get the result you want.

Each section can be taken up separately or as a full programme and these can be carried out via telephone, skype or face to face either intensively or over a longer period given your availability, location and preference.

TO GET STARTED – once you have viewed the link click here to book yourself in for a movie therapy session, this will help you decide if you want to proceed or not, you are not obliged to continue if you feel the programme is not for you but if you do we will discuss how you want your sessions to continue and this will result in a quote tailored to your needs.